My mother said this was the best place she had ever lived – Highly Recommended

When at age 93 my mother required more care than the assisted living facility could provide, my wife and I began a search to find a personal care home. We were advised to contact “A Place for Mom”. We did and were provide the names of four facilities to consider. Luckily, one of the places recommended was Cornerstone Personal Care near Riverdale, Georgia.

Our initial appointment to tour the facility and meet the owner/operator, Ms. Tracy Thomas, was a very pleasant surprise. We were immediately impressed with how sincere and genuinely interested she was in my mother’s situation and how she and the staff at Cornerstone could help. We quickly learned that Ms. Thomas and her staff were very good at their jobs. We found Cornerstone to be exceptionally clean and organized. We would later realize that this was due in large part to Ms. Thomas’ military nursing background. We chose Cornerstone for my mother. One of the best decisions we ever made for Mom and for us.

Over the next two years and eleven months we would come to appreciate Ms. Thomas and the Cornerstone staff even more. Even mother, who had become pretty set in her ways with firm opinions, told me on several occasions that this was the best place she had ever lived. She would say “they really take good care of me here”.  She even liked the food which, by the way, is cooked in the Cornerstone kitchen by Ms. Thomas and/or a staff member. The great smells coming from that kitchen, especially on Sundays, reminded me of mother’s kitchen when I was young.

Cornerstone provided for Mom’s every need. Laundry, personal bathing, hair care, daily prescription medications, diabetes diet and most anything else required. Additionally, activities such as exercise, board games, movies, periodic walks and lots of sunshine and fresh air, weather permitting, were also provided and encouraged.

Mother had a walker to help her get around. She had the same one for about three years when she moved to Cornerstone. I got a call from Ms. Thomas that first summer and was advised that Mom’s walker was worn-out and needed to be replaced. To say the least, I was surprised. I replaced the walker with a new one. I later learned that Mom convinced Ms. Thomas that she could not make the normal walk up the slight incline behind Cornerstone like the other residents, so Ms. Thomas told her just to walk in circles around the back parking lot until the others had completed their walk. She literally wore the original walker completely out in the first summer. Ms. Thomas was determined that Mom would get her exercise one way or the other. We were delighted.

Mom passed away at age 96 of a stroke while a resident at Cornerstone. We cannot thank Ms. Thomas and her staff enough for the wonderful personal care they provided for Mom. We highly recommend Cornerstone to anyone who needs personal care for their mom.

Ray and Robin Spratlin - Fayetteville, Georgia