Our laundry and housekeeping services are designed to be thorough and efficient so our board and care facility clients have nothing to worry about.

We want our residential care home clients to be as comfortable as possible, and that includes providing them with the laundry services that will keep them feeling refreshed, confident and clean without having to do the work themselves. Our housekeeping staff is conscious of sensitivities to scents and soaps and are dedicated to making sure that every shirt, pair of pants and sock is cleaned to each client’s needs.

Our residential care home staff does laundry every day, in order to make sure that every resident has what they need. This includes gathering dirty clothes, washing, drying, folding and putting away so that our clients get all the convenience of a housekeeping service in the comfort of their own room.

No more hassle, no more hours wasted performing a task that is tiring and frustrating, our laundry services free up our clients’ time to do the things they love.

Within our laundry service, we strip, launder and re-make each resident’s bed linens every week, ensuring that our clients have the cleanliness they deserve and a comfortable night’s sleep. Our other housekeeping services include weekly (or as needed) room cleaning.

A passion for excellence drives us every day to do better, be better and serve better. In this way, we are confident in our ability to care for every resident in a way that ensures them they are far more than clients to us—they are family. We are driven by a desire to see every resident happy, and we know we are not doing our job well enough until that is achieved.

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