We understand that many times a residential care facility can feel restricted —we strive to be different.

By offering complimentary transportation, the clients at our personal care homes are able to go to their favorite functions, religious services, doctor’s appointments, and so much more without the hassle of being charged extra fees. We truly try to treat our clients like family, and this means making them feel like they are receiving a royal treatment.

Where transportations services make our care home residents feel like they have a personal butler, and our staff is dedicated to a one-on-one attention and individual service, it is easy to see why so many chose the quality resident care at Corner Stone. From start to finish, our residential care facility, staff, and clients all lend toward an atmosphere of trust, caring and respect. In this way, our residents feel confident and dignified with a true passion for life.

We gauge our success by the happiness and safety of our clients, and we will stop at nothing until we can provide the quality service that will provide each with exactly what is needed to live comfortably, happily and confidently. If you don’t agree within the first 30 days, then we will fully refund your money.

Because one of our goals is to maintain consistent rates for our clients, we do everything we can to make sure that their loved ones aren’t charged for transportation, toiletries, or other necessities that many others have hidden fees for. In this way, we are able to assure every client and every family that we have a service they can count on for a price they can afford.

Contact us today with any questions you may have and get your free consultation about our care homes!