Our founder and administrator, Tracy Elaine Thomas, was given a vision over 25 years ago to form what is now one of the top rated personal care homes in Georgia. Tracy started out as a Certified Nursing Assistant in 1991 while attending a program sponsored by a long-term care facility. While taking care of the residents that Tracy soon realized that some of the individuals she cared for on a daily basis had so much quality of life left and there had to be a better options. After leaving the long term care facility, Tracy began to care for client’s in their personal homes only to again realize that some of these clients needed to be in a place where their caregivers could receive a break all while the those who needed care received the quality care they deserved.

Tracy then went on to serve in the United States Army and upon receiving an honorable discharge Tracy enrolled in nursing school in Killeen, Texas and in 2002 and became a Licensed Practical Nurse. After working for 11 years as a Licensed Practical Nurse, Tracy finally was able in 2011 to finally realize her dream and thus Corner Stone Personal Care Home was formed. While managing Corner Stone, Tracy decided to return to nursing school and became a Registered Nurse in 2013 after which she reentered nursing school for the third time and in currently working on a master’s degree in nursing with a specialization in Nurse Education, which she will receive in December 2015.

Tracy’s life passion has been in self-improvement, so that she could improve the quality of care that she and her staff provide to our clients every day. Not only can Tracy run the day to day operations of Corner Stone, but as a Registered Nurse she can also provide hands on care to our clients and that’s what makes her so unique.